Creusabro 4800 Plates

Creusabro 4800 Plates – Applications and Advantages

Creusabro 4800 is a high-performance, wear-resistant steel with 50 percent higher wear resistance than traditional 400 HB water-quenched steel. Instead of depending solely on a high degree of toughness, Creusabro 4800’s properties are enhanced by incorporating an enriched alloy material (chromium, nickel, molybdenum and titanium) and complex heat treatment methods.

The Creusabro 4800 is designed to provide the best possible optimization of outstanding wear resistance and very fair workability. In the delivered state, the mild hardness of Creusabro 4800 makes processing operations such as cutting, machining and shaping simpler and much better than ordinary water-quenched steels.

When in use, the wear resistance of Creusabro 4800 is greatly improved by a surface hardening effect of approximately +70 HB under the action of local plastic deformation caused by rock impact or abrasive particle strain. Creusabro 4800 is suitable for mining and quarry applications, for the cement and steel industries, for public works and agricultural machinery.

This grade is ideal for all forms of abrasion, sliding or impact conditions, dry or wet, including operating temperatures of between 350 and 450 degree celsius.

Applications of Creusabro 4800 Plates

Quarries: Public works: Blades, screens, crusher lateral stiffeners, Bucket liners, dumper bodies, and trommels.

Mines: conveyor bottom plates, helical gravity, hoppers, and screw conveyors, skips, extraction equipment, ventilators, discharge plates.

Cement plants: crusher lateral shield, wheel excavators’ buckets, clinker chutes, buckets, ventilators, bagging machines, and dust separators.

Steel plants: Guiding plates, hoppers, scrap containers/charging boxes, chutes, discharge plates.

Advantages of CREUSABRO Steel

CREUSABRO 4800, CREUSABRO 8000 and CREUSABRO Dual sheet metals are exclusively used in the iron metallurgy, mining, construction machinery and mechanical engineering industries.

The CREUSABRO sheets offer the following benefits:

  • Higher resistance to wear compared to traditional sheets of water-quenched and tempered
  • Compared with the conventional water-quenched and tempered 400 HB series, the service life of CREUSABRO 4800 sheets is 50 percent higher.
  • CREUSABRO 8000 also has a 50 percent higher service life expectancy than typical 500 HB series sheets.
  • CREUSABRO sheets weigh less compared with conventional water-quenched and tempered wear-resistant steel and can support higher payloads with the same wear life. This makes possible lower sheet thickness.
  • Preventing resource-intensive computer downtime contributes to cost savings in production and maintenance. It also offers tremendous ability to reduce the cost of running.

CREUSABRO steels stand out because of their good temperature and wear resistance. Traditional steels that are water-quenched and tempered lose their hardness above 250 degree celsius. By comparison, up to an operating temperature of 450 degree celsius, CREUSABRO steels can be used. This is the product of the microstructure and its chemical composition. It also has additional benefits, such as the decreased heat-affected zone after flame cutting or welding, for example. Without further heat treatment, it also enables hot creation.

This makes wear-resistant CREUSABRO sheets the ideal option for high-temperature industrial applications, such as the electricity, cement, iron and steel industries.

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Creusabro 4800 Plates – Applications and Advantages

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